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This Issue: Folies Bergere

Curious about a restaurant, event, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at:

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:HARD ROCK – continues to have their surf and turf special at Mr. Lucky’s (coffee shop). It’s not on the menu, so ask for it. Steak and shrimp, your choice of potato (try the garlic mashed — they are incredible), and salad for $5.95. They also have an internet access terminal by the gift shop. It’s 35 cents a minute, $3 minimum. You can surf, do newsgroups, long onto AOL as a guest, or do word processing. Printing is 50 cents a page.

LEGEND AIRLINES – is starting their nonstop service from Dallas Love Field to Las Vegas (with connections from Washington, D.C.) next week. This all business class airline it promising to offer tourist class fares to an from Las Vegas. The only catch is that the return flight to Dallas is a red-eye. Full story at and Legend Air site at

GRAND CANYON RAILWAY – You can now combine a visit to the Grand Canyon with a ride on this historic railway. Two packages are available that include transfers from your hotel as well as airfare over to the canyon, railway, and return. Full story at In a related story, next year a tourist train should be running from Boulder City halfway to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there are no plans to run a train all the way from the Strip to Hoover Dam. Full story at

SPORTS BETTING – is under fire again. Congress is holding hearings with the serious intent of banning all betting on college sports nationwide. Full story at If you enjoy the freedom to come here and bet sports in a controlled, regulated atmosphere where you are guaranteed to get a fair deal, consider faxing or emailing your representatives. You can get the information at

BINION MURDER TRIAL – The Nevada “Trial of the Century” is underway and we are keeping updated daily with the latest stories.

CLINTON TO OPEN STRIP CLUB – President Clinton, vacating the White House at year’s end, announced plans this week to build a combination strip club, lounge and McDonald’s in downtown Las Vegas. Clinton, who unveiled his project at a Las Vegas City Council meeting, said he intends to perform regularly in the lounge, playing saxophone in a revue starring David Cassidy. Full story at

WINNER! – Jackie Bovee-Petruska is the winner of the Las Vegas t-shirt.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

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AT THE COPA – the new David Cassidy / Sheena Easton show was reviewed in Las Vegas Weekly at

THE BOSS – SPRINGSTEEN is doing his first every Las Vegas concert Memorial Day weekend on May 27. Tickets on sale this Saturday at 10 AM. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and MGM discount rooms available at (MGM link).

HARD ROCK HOTEL – JOHN LEE HOOKER on April 8, OASIS on April 11, TRACY CHAPMAN on April 16, BUSH on May 4, and ROBIN TROWER on May 26. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

MANDALAY BAY – DIO on April 1, PETER MURPHY on April 2, DR. JOHN on April 6, SEBASTIAN BACH on April 8, LIT on April 9, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT on April 12, BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY on April 14, JOE SATRIANI on April 16, TYPE O NEGATIVE with COAL CHAMBER on April 18, LYNYRD SKYNYRD on April 25, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED on April 28, TOWER OF POWER on May 13, and RICKY MARTIN on July 22. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

LAS VEGAS HILTON – TIM CONWAY and HARVEY KORMAN in their “Together Again” tour April 7 and 8, KENNY RODGERS on April 14 and 15, JEFF FOXWORTHY on April 28-30, TRISHA YEARWOOD on May 5 and 6, JOHNNY MATHIS on May 12 and 13, and WYNONNA on May 19-21. Tickets are available at (800) 222-5361 and Las Vegas Hilton discount rooms are available at (Las Vegas Hilton link).

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FEATURE STORY: Folies Bergere”The Entertainment Capitol of the World”. You’ve heard it time and time again. And were else will you find two German guys with rare tigers, multiple clubs with the comedy greats, 3 of the world’s best impressionists, and award-winning magicians all performing at the same time within blocks of each other?

And yet, when you think of Las Vegas entertainment, what do you think of? Lasers and tigers? No. You think of showgirls. They are in our movies, commercials, and surround the winners here whether it be a golf tournament, NASCAR race, or big jackpot winner. Tucked down near the end of the Strip in the Tropicana, Folies Bergere has been presenting some of the best before James Bond or Elvis became synonymous with Las Vegas.

Recently revamped, Folies is in it’s 40’th year and was a lot of fun and a true celebration of the showgirls and dance throughout the ages with a stunning display of fantasy and light. Opening scenes highlighted the entire cast in song and dance, and gave us our first look at some of the elaborate costuming and feathered head dresses (and if you looked closely, bits of real feathers flying around in the air as the ladies ran through their energetic steps).

We were taken back to the 1860’s and the days of debutantes and ballrooms, complete with falling winter snow. Three numbers showcased romantic, well choreographed ballet dressing the women in period attire and the men in black capes. Then is was on to 1900 and the stage became Paris in a dance number featuring some very athletic and acrobatic moves by the men as well as some playful dancing among partners.

Following was the French Riviera of 1925 set to “By the Sea”, Hollywood Glamour of the 1930’s in a number where you could feel the well-crafted romance, and Cool Jazz of 1950 complete with a period car and giant lit jukeboxes. The dancers of both sexes displayed their athleticism time and time again, with stamina and flexibility that rivals gymnasts and figure skaters.

Of particular fun was the Striptease segment, and in the spirit of traditional striptease, this was just that — a tease. The women were in black bodysuits under black light wearing white gloves, stockings, and bikinis and appeared to “strip” off the white attire only to vanish into the blackness at the end.

One of the highlights of the show was the comedy team of Mario and Daniel. A little risquÚ (PG-13) without offending, they took the tired jokes about Las Vegas buffets and coupons and gave them new life as well as performing their more traditional material. These guys are hilarious — I’d pay to see them at a comedy club — and while they are contracted to Folies for the rest of the year, they are worth catching if you get a chance. Their website is at and we understand they do take a break from Folies to tour with Kenny Rodgers as his opening act.

The final numbers were set to a combination of contemporary and original music. There wasn’t really a theme, but plenty of variety and energy. I didn’t look at my watch once throughout the entire 90 minute show.

Instead of ending with an “over the top number, the entire cast comes onstage while emcee and principal vocalist Jack Walker sings “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from the movie the Lion King. He has a great stage presence and terrific voice, but he’s mannerisms indicate that he’s seen Wayne Newton a few too many times! Not a crime in Las Vegas, though. People come to see Vegas — give them Vegas. The entire cast then joins in for another Lion King hit “Circle of Life” bringing the show to a warm close.

Folies Bergere performs twice nightly at 8 and 10:30 PM (dark Thursday). Ticket prices range from $41.95 to $56.95 depending on which show and if you select table or booth seating. As is Las Vegas tradition, the second show is slightly less expensive and contains some topless nudity. No one under 16 is admitted to either show. Reservations are recommended at (702) 739-222 and Tropicana discount rooms are available at (Tropicana link).


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:Elizabeth Beech wrote:

>>Other than Ferraro’s on Flamingo, are there any non-hotel Italian
>>restaurants that can match or even come close to the overall quality
>>of Stefano’s at G.N.?á Please let us know!
>I visit Vegas 4-6 times per year and there is one restaurant I go to
>every time and it is called Pasta Mia located at 2585 E Flamingo Road.
>In fact, my sister and I plan when we are going to eat there prior to
>our even leaving for Vegas!
>Not only is the food fantastic, but the atmosphere is quiet, nice and
>very comfortable.á A great break from the noisy hotels.á The wait
>staff is personable and they take care of special requests without
>making a fuss about it.á (I am quite a “picky” eater so this is very
>important to me.)
>Now I am starting to feel the need to hop on that Highway 15 and head
>on over to Vegas.á I’ve got this sudden craving for Spinach Ravioli!

Joe D’Agnese wrote:

>A good Italian restaurant in Las Vegas is called Alta Villa. A wide
>variety of Italian food. The restaurant is on the strip inside the
>Flamingo Hilton. The food is great.

Bill wrote:

>Saw the question on income taxes as they apply to gambling.á You might
>not be interested in the expanded answer but thought I’d pass it
>along.á Folks receive either W-2Gs or 1099s, based on how the money
>was won, won’t bore you with those details.á The 1099s are commonly
>issued for prizes that did not have a wager involved (e.g.á free slot
>tournaments and free bingo tournaments).á Gambling losses cannot be
>used to offset prizes won that are reported on a 1099 because since
>there was no wager involved the prize won is technically not a
>gambling win.á Of course, taxpayers only get the offset W-2G winnings
>if they fill out a Schedule A of itemized deductions.á If the itemized
>deductions don’t do the taxpayer more good than the standard
>deduction, the taxpayer does not even get to take the offset.

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March 29, 2000

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