Access Vegas Insider Vibe March 26, 2020

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas – I hope this finds you as well as possible, and for the many of you staying at home (voluntarily or otherwise), that you are not going too stir-crazy. 

After watching far too much incorrect internet rumors, I thought that I'd take a minute to inform you — our free newsletter subscribers, about some of the hard facts.

NOTE: This is of 10 PM Pacific on Thursday March 26, 2020. Because of the size of this mailing list, it takes hours and hours for this to send. Plus, the time it takes before you open it. If something major changes in the morning, I don't know about it at this writing. If I had that kind of ESP, I'd make a fortune betting sports!

So, lets get into the FACTS:

– A significant number of Las Vegas hotels are already taking reservations on dates ranging from April 17 to May 1.

– Over the years, around 1/3 of Las Vegas customers have been drive-ins (by car). Even if the air travel situation is dicey, Las Vegas will work to open as soon as permitted to cater to drive-in visitors.

– Much will depend on when President Trump decides to suggest the country is open for business. I say "suggest" because…

– At this time, Trump is continuing to let governors make that choice.

– Our Governor Sisolak seems to be very shut-down oriented. On the flip side, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and many out of work and without pay are lobbying harder for an early opening. However, it all rests with our governor.

– Is Las Vegas safe? Especially for someone who drives here in their own car sooner than later (greatly limiting exposure)? Let's crunch the numbers:

Nevada has a population of 3,034,392. We currently have 420 cases and 10 deaths. Let's get out the calculator:

Infection rate Rate: 0.000138

Death Rate: 0.000003

No… I can't count that small either. I had to figure out what something to the negative fifth power was on my calculator!

To put it in perspective, the infection rate is nearly identical to your odds of being DEALT a royal flush. I didn't say HITTING a royal. We're talking about pressing the button and you are handed one. Good luck with that one in your lifetime.

– April brings high 70's and 80's to Las Vegas. I've seen a number of medical experts note that this virus does NOT like hot, dry weather. In a very short amount of time here, Las Vegas (and Phoenix and the desert areas of California) may just be the most safe places you can be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not shoot the messenger. I'm a quoted analyst in Las Vegas travel matters because I crunch the facts and numbers, look at trends and patterns, and am known to be quite accurate.

IE, don't blame me for killing the earth. People are going to come to Las Vegas. My info is for those who will travel. That's what I do. If you are staying home until the worldwide infection rate is 0.00000, then please do so!!!

For now, we're in a 30 day shut-down of ALL gambling in Nevada, plus all non-essential businesses. I like to make lemons out of lemonade. Hence, we've instituted a "countdown" on both our Twitter Feed and our Free Facebook Feed.

(We have a special, Members Only Facebook Group for our Supporting (Paid) Subscribers. However, unlocking that is only for those who help support our paid staff and all the the extra help, savings, and tips we have for those who donate $2.90 per month — paid yearly — to help us keep the lights and keep us doing what we do).

Once per hour, we post a Las Vegas picture from our archive of many, many thousands of Las Vegas pictures. We're having fun covering a bit of everything. You can poke your head in and take a look, or go ahead and follow us if Twitter or Facebook are platforms you enjoy using!

Also, since we KNOW that Las Vegas will be back as soon as authorities deem it safe, we know that YOU will be back before long. We're already hearing from people planning trips for late Spring, Summer, and beyond!

Hence, we're going to extend our Supporting (Paid) Member discount. But… ONLY until the day it is announced that Las Vegas is going to open. 20% off of your 2020 membership, and you'll still get a full year. 365 days, not just until the end of this year. You can do that right now at www.Join.Vegas, or let me remind you of just a few highlights of our membership program:

* Twice-Monthly "members only" newsletter. Always chalked full of Las Vegas information you generally WON'T find spending hours searching the internet (I'm not joking when I said our team is full of paid experts). Not visiting for a while? All the better! You'll have a few months to absorb and take advantage of so much great info!

* 12 special, exclusive reports. These 12 reports are worth the modest admission price to unlock them. Everything from how to get more comps without gambling more money, to how to bust the line at a crowded restaurant here without forking over a tip to the gatekeeper.

* The MOST comprehensive list of food and beverage specials on The Strip, Downtown, and Near-Strip. We have one paid person dedicated to maintaining this list. No coupons needed, and you can access it on your phone during your trip, and it is sorted by LOCATION!!!

Our "Your Guy In Vegas" feature. Try and search the internet for the best this-or-that, and you'll get all kinds of fake reviews, spammy pages, and what-not. You ask us about something, tell us what you have in mind, and we can provide some REAL, EXPERT, PERSONAL advice.

There is more, but you get the idea. You can see everything at www.Join.Vegas, and then use the coupon code ACCESS2020 when you check out, knocking your monthly cost (paid yearly) to $2.32 a month. SERIOUSLY… how can you NOT take me up on that one!!!

And… just in case this lockdown lasts way longer than expected, we'll maintain our other current GUARANTEE:

IF you do not visit during the first 365 days of your membership — for any reason whatsoever, we'll give you another full year on-the-house. And, that is in addition to our normal 60-day money-back guarantee. Protected via your credit card company through our "Secure Site Certificate" check-out.

Really simple: Step 1, go to www.Join.Vegas. Step 2, scroll though the info, and click when you see one of the Make Me A Member buttons. (Or, if you are in a hurry and ready go to NOW, go directly to the Sign-Up Page). Step 3, enter ACCESS2020 at the top where it says Coupon Code. You are literally 30 seconds away from unlocking more valuable Las Vegas information than you've seen in one spot in some time.

PS The ACCESS2020 for 20% off coupon code comes down the day our governor sets the "back open for business" date. Which could be sooner than later. Delay at your own risk!


Ted Newkirk


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