Access Vegas Insider Vibe – March 17, 2004

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Master Magician Lance Burton

Also In This Issue – March 17, 2004: Newkirk’s Notes, 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, Mardi Gras Las Vegas, Star Trek Borg Invasion 4D, VH1 Diva’s Package, more …
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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! Spring Break and March Madness are both in full swing and the temperatures are pushing 90 F during the day. The party is around the pool (or in the sports book) during the day and on The Strip at night. No snow to shovel in Las Vegas.

Access Vegas Minute – We’re beta-testing a one minute commercial spot called the Access Vegas Minute. Right now it’s running during shows on the new Talk Radio Las Vegas Network online. You can listen to this week’s “Minute” directly by clicking: Access Vegas Minute.
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Mardi Gras Las Vegas – in April. The Fremont Street Experience Eighth Annual Mardi Gras Celebration is Friday and Saturday, April 16th and 17th . Yes, I know Fat Tuesday was weeks ago. Someone tell that to the planners downtown. However, this is worth checking out. Fremont Street turns into a huge party with showgirls, parades, and just lots of fun. Click to see photos from last year and click for the complete story, details, and line-up.
á 110% Low Room Rate Guarentee – You read that correctly. Now you can shop in peace with our 110% low rate guarentee in conjunction with our partners at Notes:

Star Trek BORG Invasion 4D – has opened at the Las Vegas Hilton. This groundbreaking interactive experience is the first all-digital motion picture to incorporate live action and animation within a 3D cinema environment. Click to read full story and click to see photos.

A Reader Asks Just 3 weeks to go until we leave grey, cold London for sunny, fun Vegas for our wedding! We have decided upon Emeril’s for lunch after the ceremony but … I just wandered if anybody had been to either Spago or Chinois and had any opinions to share? Or Commander’s Palace also? Oh hell, any good places?!

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VH1 Divas Package DealTravelocity takes you to the VH1 Divas Show. Add tickets to the VH1 Divas Show to your TotalTripSM Patti LaBelle, Jessica Simpson, and other superstars onstage. You in the audience, watching the VH1 Divas 2004 Show live and in person. For a very limited time, when you purchase a Las Vegas TotalTrip on Travelocity, you can add tickets to the VH1 Divas 2004 Show at the MGM Grand and stay at one of our featured hotel partners. Tickets going fast. Click to book now!

Free Postcard Update – If you are new, you might not know that we have over 2000 Las Vegas photos, all of which can be sent as a picture postcard to friends, family, or just a nudge, nudge to that special person. We’ve added new Vegas themed captions and music to spice them up with.

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Happy Birthday Las Vegas – Our insane city turns 100 years old next year, and the celebration might be unparalelled. On July 4, 2005 Las Vegas is going to throw a part that tops our decadent, over-the-top New Year’s Eve celebration. Fireworks, huge concert acts, and worldwide coverage is planned. As always, we’ll update you as the plans move along!

Note to civic and gaming leaders: How come other major cities have big festivals and celebrations (often) multiple times a year and we don’t? Las Vegas should be jammed for Mardi Gras, Halloween, and whatever else excuse we can find to close a couple streets and set off some fireworks.

Weclome Ariane – We want to welcome Ariane on board to the crew. With a background in modeling, acting, journalism and writing you’ll be seeing and hearing her contributions very soon. She’s regularly works trade shows and conventions here, so check her out next time your company needs good talent in Las Vegas. Click to her site for more info.

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Featured Story:
Master Magician Lance Burton

lance burton master magician magic You have probably seen Lance Burton on T.V. countless times. He’s been a semi-fixture on The Tonight Show, dating back to Johnny Carson who called Lance “the best magician I have ever seen.” More recently on everything from Hollywood Squares (where he is now a semi-regular guest) to programs on Animal Planet network.

Lance graduated from an ongoing guest spot in Folies Bergere to his own to his own show in the Lance Burton Theater at the Monte Carlo a few years ago, and continues a very succesful run.

The show started with the clip from his last television special in which he was chained to the tracks of the infamous Desperado rollercoaster in Primm (40 miles south of Las Vegas). It is arguably the tallest and fastest in the world. While he was able to work his way free, he couldn’t hear his assistant’s time counts and was nearly killed. Even in slow motion, you could see the coaster missing his feet by inches as he jumped free.

Lance it a traditional magician, not relying on lasers and tigers so much as classic magic taken to a new level. He does make himself flatten and vanish in a twist on the old rabbit from a hat routine that fills the stage with machinery (and his beautiful assistants). In an aviation themed illusion, his showgirl assistants manage to appear/dissapear into a suitcase placed on a table in the middle of the stage. Nothing above, below, behind … and no way they could all fit. Wow.

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