Access Vegas Insider Vibe – July 26, 2006

In This Issue: Barbra Streisand Coming, Stripper 101, Imperial Palace Anniversary Chips, New Crazy Girl, Gambling Talk: Craps, “Queen Of Comps” Responds, New Years Video, Caesars Palace Photos, more…

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Newkirk’s Notes: – Comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! We are enjoying a mild summer, with highs generally around 105, not far off from the weather the rest of the U.S. has experienced over the past couple of weeks. Except that we are used to it … Perfect to enjoy late nights outside!

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It is never too early to think about booking for New Year’s Eve. Ringing in the new year here in Las Vegas is like nowhere else on the planet! What else were you going to do … sit and home and watch people in New York City freeze to death in Times Square again? No way.

Later in this issue, we have a link to full streaming video of this past celebration with almost 10 minutes of fireworks put to an official soundtrack. Booking Tip: New Year’s rooms aren’t cheap and only get more expensive the closer it gets. Click on over to visit our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals and get your room booked ASAP.

Enjoy This Issue!

Fans Crave Krave’s ‘Sopranos Last Supper’ – Don’t Fergetabout It! – The Baritones and company continue to serve up dysfunction for dinner in the highly-charged two-hour comedy-musical “The Sopranos Last Supper” at the KRAVE Theatre on the southside of Desert Passage at the Aladdin. Review-Journal entertainment critic Michael Weatherford said, “It’s a fun scene, one that’s hard to find on the modern-day Strip, or anywhere else for that matter.” Click to Read The Full Story and Buy Tickets …Barbra Streisand Performs At The MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, Nov. 18 With Special Guest Il Divo – Multi-platinum quartet Il Divo will take the stage with Barbra Streisand as her special guest for her highly anticipated national tour set to kick off Wednesday, Oct. 4 in Philadelphia. Streisand will perform at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. The tour will be presented by promoter Michael Cohl for Concert Productions International and The Next Adventure (A Live Nation Company). “It’s an incredible opportunity to work with Barbra Streisand, certainly the greatest female performer of all time,” said Cohl. “This will be an amazing show. Don’t miss it.” Click to Read The Full Story … or Click To Buy Streisand Tickets Now!

After Shopping For Clothes, Learn How To Take Them Off In Stripper 101: The First Ever Striptease Dance Studio In The Desert Passage Mall Open – Strip mall takes on a whole new meaning when legendary producer, David Saxe opens the first striptease dance studio in the Desert Passage Mall at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. Stripper 101 gives everyday women the opportunity to get slim and sexy with a sweat-inducing low-impact aerobic workout. Women can unleash their inner bombshell with striptease cardio and pole dancing. Striptease dance studios are popping up across America but Stripper 101 is the first to offer ladies the chance to groove and get down in the midst of their shopping spree with a studio inside Desert Passage Mall. Click to Read The Full Story and Buy Tickets …

Imperial Palace Issues 30th Year Casino Chips – To recognize three decades of distinguished service and value as a Las Vegas Strip property, the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino will issue limited edition 30th anniversary commemorative casino chips. Only 500 $5, 100 $25 and 50 $100 chips have been commissioned. Click to Read The Full Story …

Mary J. Blige, Queen Of Hip Hop Soul, To Play Labor Day Weekend At MGM Grand Garden Arena – Thirteen years into her career Mary J. Blige continues to be the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. She was anointed as such even prior to her boundary-breaking, genre-making debut smash, What’s The 411?, hit the scene in 1992. On the heels of the success of her new album, The Breakthrough, Mary J. Blige brings her “Mary J. Blige: The Breakthrough Experience” summer tour to the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. Special guests Jaheim and Letoya will open the evening’s performance. Click to Read The Full Story and Purchase Tickets …

New ‘Crazy Girls’ Dancer’s Dancer Has 17 Years Of Ballet Experience: Summer Ferguson Joins Cast Of “Las Vegas’ Sexiest Topless Revue” At Riviera – Summer Ferguson began taking ballet lessons at age two and now after a five-year stint in Nevada Ballet Theatre she has taken her dance and performance skills to “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The 5-foot-9-inch tall dancer gets to show off her ballet skills in a number with a green fluorescent hoop. She said, “I had heard about an opening and auditioned for ‘Crazy Girls’ and got hired on the spot. This is my first show on The Strip. I danced with the Nevada Ballet Theatre for five years. I’ve always been naturally flexible. All I’ve ever done is dance.” Click to Read The Full Story …

Gambling Talk: Victor Royer on Cigar Dave Show Part 3: Craps – with Victor H. Royer. Victor H. Royer appeared on famed fine living guru Cigar Dave Show radio program. In this segment, Victor gives exclusive insight into playing and winning at craps! Click to Listen To Craps Advice Interview (18 minutes streaming audio)

Vegas Photo Set Of The Week: Caesars Palace Las Vegas – You have arrived at Caesars Palace. Here you’ll find luxurious rooms, upscale restaurants and extraordinary entertainment. Enjoy a swim in the beautiful swimming pools, and tour the enchanting fountains in the Garden of the Gods. Caesar’s Forum Shops are also available, some call it the “Shopping Wonder Of The World”. They include stores from Versace, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, BeBe, and many more. The Forum Shops also include some of the finest restaurants Las Vegas has to offer.

Vegas Streaming Video Of The Week – New Years Eve Fireworks 2005-2006. Missed being in Las Vegas this past New Year’s Eve? Watch what you missed and book now for this year! New Years Eve Fireworks 2005-2006: Broadband (only)

See the Grand Canyon in a Jet Helicopter! For years Maverick Helicopters has been providing a true VIP Helicopter experience of the Grand Canyon. We do things a little different than any other helicopter Company. We give you an adventure of a lifetime and not just another tour of the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas Strip tours plus Helicopter Weddings also available!

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Note from Ted: We got quite a few responses regarding my reply to a letter from Dice Doc in our July 5, 2005 issue. I’m posting one of the responses, sent by famed Las Vegas gaming writer Jean “Queen of Comps” Scott:

Readers WriteDear Ted,

Of course, I was interested in the latest reader letter about comps. And it is not my purpose to make everyone comp hounds! But I would like to point out that there are many ways to get comps without jeopardizing your gambling bankroll or feeling that you “owe” a casino your undying loyalty.

1. Just by using your players card and earning points and then redeeming them for comps is a very unpressured way to get comps. Sometimes this doesn’t even involve interacting with a clerk at the players club desk, but can be done at a kiosk.

2. Even at the highest levels, you aren’t required to have dealings with a host (although you will often get more comps if you do). Play at a very high level with your players card (or give the card to the dealer at table games so your play will be tracked) and you will receive top-notch mail offers for rooms, shows, etc. Most of these offers will have a phone number for something called VIP reservations which you can call and simply make the reservation there if you don’t want to make it through a host.

3. Of course comps aren’t “free” – the casino expects/hopes you will lose more on the games than you will get in comps. However, there is no reason that you have to fulfill the casino’s hopes and expectations. We play skillful video poker, picking the best pay schedules and the best slot club benefits like cashback, bounce-back cash or Free Play, and the best promotions, like card-of-the day or bonus-point times. Therefore we do not lose ANY money in the long run in our play, so the magnificent comps we get ARE free.

And even if you don’t play quite so skillfully but you try to play the games where the casino has a smaller edge and you always use your slot club card or ask to be tracked at the tables and you take advantage of some promotions, you can often get comps that have more value than what you lose on the casino floor. If you were going to take $200 out of your pocket to pay for a casino room and meal, it would be frugal if you earned $100 in comps to cut that expense in half. Then you would have more money to put in your gambling bankroll and you could play longer!

4. Of course hosts work for the casino. But they also know that most players gamble at more than one casino. In 21 years of gambling in casinos, we have never had a host that was “jealous” that we played at other casinos. They do try to make your stay as pleasant as possible so you will WANT to come back. But you have no obligation to do so and shouldn’t feel that you “owe” a casino for past comps.

5. I always say that you should never play JUST for comps, but you might as well collect the comps that you have earned during the time when you were playing anyway!


Jean Scott, Queen of Comps

Author of the Frugal Gambler books that tell you how to maximize your comps so your gambling bankroll will last longer. Learn about the resources available for smarter gambling so your comps won’t cost you too much at

Ted Responds

It was great to hear from Jean, someone we’ve known and appreciated over the past decade here in Las Vegas. She and her husband Brad are truly some of the more enjoyable people in this business.

They both just had a huge Las Vegas experience, winning the top prize of $500,000 in a Caesars Palace slot tournament. Want to hear the kicker? The won their entry into the tournament by playing a specified amount of slot play (high limit video poker for them), in which they played by the rules and methods she writes about in her books!

I appreciate Jean taking the time to read and respond and wish her much continued success. Her books are well worth reading!

Live From Las Vegas,

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