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Cirque Du Soleil’s Beloved ‘O’ Returns To The Las Vegas Strip

Ask anyone who’s seen “O” to describe it, and they’ll most likely open their mouth to speak, take a pause, think a bit, and come up with something like, “It’s just so beautiful!” It really is almost impossible to put the experience of “O” into words, and that’s kind of the point. After all, the show does not follow a linear storyline—there’s no hero, no heroine, no climactic scene that wraps everything together. It’s more a series of elegant, highly athletic moments, peppered with bits that seem like they were pulled from another dimension. Oh, and there are clowns, too!

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We Went to the New ‘Secret’ Speakeasy Bar in Las Vegas – Here’s How To Find It

Vegas is all about the glitz, glamour and special access. It’s a place where there are VIPs and real VIPs and it’s socially acceptable to flash a player’s club status card to cut everything from the nightclub queue to the regular taxi line. Stretch limos pick up high rollers and whisk them from the airport to private driveways at casinos. Hidden elevators lead to suites that can’t be booked, regardless of how much you want to pay. There are regular pools and then there are the VIP pools. And there are special blackjack tables that simply say “reserved.”

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Enter To Win The Ultimate Vegas Package At Golden Nugget

Winner, winner! The Ultimate Vegas Package could be yours! This all-inclusive 3-night vacation lets you experience fine dining, entertainment, bottle service, Spa & Salon pampering, and poolside cabana at our award-winning “Tank.” Take in Las Vegas – Golden Nugget style!

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Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas Celebrates New Location Grand Opening

The Pinball Hall of Fame is now open at its new location on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip near the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

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Las Vegas Gambling

California woman wins $481K jackpot at Venetian Las Vegas

A lucky guest at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas had another reason to celebrate on the Fourth of July. Lisa Q. from El Cajon, California, turned a $5.60 bet into more than $481,000 when five jackpot symbols scattered on the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation slot to trigger the big win.

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The Las Vegas Business Trip Is Back (Mostly)

The networkers are back in Vegas. Some of them, anyway. At 2 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, club music blasted inside the cavernous, windowless convention floor of the Nightclub and Bar Show. Servers offered orange Jell-O shots, attendees sampled giant bacon-stuffed Tater Tots and entrepreneurs flagged passersby to test-drive their karaoke machines, portable bowling alleys and other potential next big things in nightlife innovation.

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Resorts World Las Vegas Is Amazing – First Look Inside

(Producers Notes) Resorts world is the first ever integrated Resort in over ten years! Resorts world caters to those that are looking for a 5 star resort getaway as well as those that are looking for an upscale urban vacation like New York City.

With more than 40 food and beverage experiences to explore, Resorts World Las Vegas offers more globally inspired dishes than any other destination on the Strip. From casual market fare to fine dining, they’ve got your cravings covered.

With a curated collection of boutiques spanning 70,000 square feet, The District at Resorts World Las Vegas is where current and future trends meet. Browse through designer couture, discover one-of-a-kind treasures, and indulge in some retail therapy. From must-have cravings to last-minute gifts, there’s something here for every occasion.

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Caesars Buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD Bacchanal Buffet Las Vegas

The best buffet in Las Vegas the newly renovated Caesars buffet the Bacchanal Buffet reopens with new menu items like grilled baby octopus, chipotle bourbon barbecue oysters, duck carnitas quesadillas and coconut-carrot gazpacho, dim sum carts serving Japanese hot dogs and lobster bisque, and Asian choices including Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Laotian, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese.

The best seafood buffet items at Caesars Palace Las Vegas include lobster claws, scallops on the half shell and snow crab legs, and rare meats like American wagyu steamship, grilled quail and even a suckling pig. In this Bacchanal Buffet tour, we try as much seafood as we can in the 90-minute time limit. This is the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet 2021, and it may just be the best buffet in Vegas.

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Excalibur Staycation – One Magical Day in the Castle

(Producers Notes) Today’s adventure finds us in Camelot, Las Vegas style! We spent one awesome day and an overnight stay at the fabulous Excalibur Hotel & Casino, and we had more fun than King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table!

Come along for a room tour, a lovely relaxing interlude at Excalibur’s pool deck, and a tour of all the entertainment and restaurants and attractions to be found inside the castle. This place is a colorful and vivid escape from reality – join us!

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The Ogden – High-Rise The Heart of Downtown Fremont Street Las Vegas

(Producers Notes) Realtor: Chakits Krulsawat


Simply Vegas | Lic# s.0168764

1780 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100 Henderson, NV. 89012

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The Palazzo Hotel & Casino + Room Review!

(Producers Notes) Walk with us and explore The Palazzo Hotel & Casino.

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Resorts World Famous Foods Street Eats – Trying ALL 16 Eateries

(Producers Notes) Famous Foods Street Eats just opened! And I tried each place just for you.

Resorts World recently just opened and they’ve made bank ever since. And that doesn’t exclude Famous Foods Street Eats, they’ve also been making a killing. Some may call it a food court, but it’s certainly not that. Most of the eateries are Asian, but you’ll also find Italian, American, BBQ, and a hidden bar as well. Hope you can find it!

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