Access Vegas Insider Vibe January 30, 2021

Newkirk’s Notes

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas! – So… this is what was supposed to be the first issue of the year! While I’m doing fairly well with a number of New Year’s resolutions, my intent on putting COVID and bad news in the rear-view mirror crumbled over a number of very unfortunate things I had to report.

So, let’s try again!

Doom And Gloom? – Las Vegas Strip casinos made more than $2.7 billion in profits in 2020. Gaming made up only 1/3 amount of the amount, most likely due to more bargain-seeking visitors who wanted to eat, drink, and hang out. Downtown casinos reported good profitable numbers as well. If Las Vegas can get by under the current limitations and concerns, we’ll bounce back just fine.

Wynn, Venetian, and Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas have achieved Forbes Travel Guide’s Sharecare Health Security verification. Expect more to follow. The diligence of following protocols here in Las Vegas has resulted in making it very rare for people to return home sick. As we’ve constantly reported, keeping you well ahead of the curve.

The False Scare Is Over – As I predicted, the “5 Las Vegas hospitals are at or over 100% ICU capacity” fear-scare news is a thing of the past, and COVID hospitalizations are dropping.

What’s really going on? What do the real numbers say? Is Las Vegas a super-spreader and things are getting worse? Or, can you feel fairly comfortable visiting yet? Our Supporting (Paid) Members continue to be updated on the facts and stats, not simply the news headlines. And, since we are Member-Supported, we report what is best for our Members. Not what the casinos tell us to say.

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When Do Shows Return? – Some shows wanted to attempt to operate under the “25% of capacity” limits. However… the 25 foot mandate between performers and the audience is an impossible-to-overcome mandate for just about all shows. It wipes out way too much space. Check out this video of the procurers of Absinthe attempting to make this work.

This is premium information, for our Supporting (Paid) Members only. Along with a practical look at how soon Las Vegas will be back to (or near normal), giving you the upper-and on knowing when to safely book your next visit.

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New Years Even A Success, All Things Considered – Normally, this is where I laud Las Vegas for our amazing New Year’s Eve. And, mock New York City’s boring ball drop. Not to mention the mathematically disproven claims that Times Square has a million people. (It is physically impossible to fit one million people into the available space for that celebration).

This year, our famous fireworks celebration was canceled. This did not stop plenty of people enjoying Las Vegas! The Las Vegas Strip was closed, as it is every year. While certainly not as crowded, many tens of thousands enjoyed themselves. For those of you who didn’t catch the live stream from Las Vegas’ KLAS Channel 8, here it is in it’s entirety:

Hit The Road, Jack (Part 1) – We have a loyal contingent of readers who rent a car when they are in town. It isn’t for everyone. However, even if you previously never considered it, the time has never been better.

1. Most Strip properties are currently offering free parking.

2. With basically no shows and tight demand at some restaurants due to capacity limitation, you can not only dine off-Strip, but by doing so you are likely to save the cost of your rental car in the process. (Plus, you’ll encounter some very thankful employees and restaurant proprietors).

3. YOU make the restrictions in your car. Or not!

4. The areas surrounding Las Vegas contains a bucket list of natural wonders which most of you have nothing like where you reside. Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, Valley Of Fire, Zion, Virgin River Gorge, Historic Oatman and Route 66, and I could go on and on.

Next issue, we’ll go over suggestions for day trips, or overnight trips which overnight you at a casino so you don’t miss your evening drinking, gambling, and steak dinner (or whatever your food preferences are).

This issue, we’ll keep it closer to home. I have five (mostly) mom-and-pop joints — mostly hole-in-the-wall kinds of places most of you would never find or try on your own, which are 10 minutes (or less) from both The Strip and Fremont Street.

How do I know about them? They are in my general neighborhood and I patronize them! (Living just a few minutes from The Strip and downtown, but in a nice, quiet neighborhood, does not suck).

Note: None of these are paid endorsements. None of them know of my mention. That is why we are member-supported. I cater to the best interests of our members, and you alone!

All of these places are located on (or just adjacent to) Sahara Avenue, between Palace Station and Arville. You are literally never more than 2.5 miles from The Strip!

You’d drive right by four (of these five) restaurants without giving them a second thought (or even trying them out). And, three are not visible directly from Sahara Ave, which means you’d drive right by them without knowing they were even there!

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Hope You Are Enjoying This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor

Las Vegas Shows

Manilow’s Show Still Set for Early 2021 Launch


If you’re seeking the most optimistic indication of when headliners will return to Vegas theaters in 2021, dial up “Copacabana.” Follow the Lola, Tony and Rico saga with a date with “Roxanne.” Tickets for Barry Manilow’s February performances at Westgate’s International Theater remain listed on Ticketmaster, and also through the resort’s website and Manilow’s official fan page. The first dozen shows cover Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from Feb. 11-March 13. The superstar recording artist is due to perform again beginning May 6-June 19.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Dining

Gordon Ramsay Tried the $777 Burger in Las Vegas and Called It ‘Disgustingly Expensive’ and ‘Bloody Delicious’


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is something of a hamburger maven in his own right. His restaurant group encompasses 35 eateries, several of which specialize in them. And he’s no stranger to expensive ones. In fact, his eatery inside London’s Harrods department store even has a $106 burger on the menu. But on the first episode of his newest show, “Gordon Ramsay’s American Road Trip,” the restaurateur tried out an extravagant burger seven times more expensive than that one.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Hotels

Resorts World Bringing More Than a Little Light to the End of a Dark 2020


The year 2020 has been so difficult for so many people, and everyone needs a little positive energy heading into the new year. That’s exactly what this massive LED screen here at Resorts World hopes to give us.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Members Mania

Note From Ted:

Members Mania is a regular feature for our Supporting (Paid) Members. Membership includes our “Your Guy In Vegas” feature, where you can reach out to myself and our paid staff of experts with your specific Vegas questions. We don’t have “canned” answers. We’ll ask you for some details pertaining to your wants and needs. Then, answer accordingly.



Visits to Las Vegas may have fueled coronavirus spread, study finds

Scott Pohl


Ted Responds:

We dissect this article, the data, where it came from, who did the study, the graphs associated with it, and much more. So that our Paid (Supporting) Members are truly in the know.

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Here’s a couple of first-hand visitor reports which will help you understand what to expect. Please keep in mind that everything is subject to change, but these line up (in general) with what things are like:

This is premium information, for our Supporting (Paid) Members only.
These reports cover:

– The good sides of the current situation.

– Food, restaurants, social distancing, menus and everything else you need to know with current restrictions.

– Attractions. Are they open? Advice for enjoying them, booking the attraction, and everything else!

– Is it the same experience? What adjustments do you need to make, so that you maximize your enjoyment?

– Is this a better or worse time to bring kids?

– How strict and when/where regarding masks?

– Table limits and what to expect.

– This and more!

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But, you have to ask the questions.

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Las Vegas Tours And Attractions

SLIDESHOW: Bellagio Conservatory’s Year of the Ox Display


The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden is celebrating the Year of the Ox with its “Season of Love” floral display. The Lunar New Year display features four scenes of floral creations that convey message of love for nature, commitment, tradition, children and travel.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Sports

Las Vegas Gambling

Slot Player Turns $1.25 Wager into $132K+ Jackpot at Las Vegas-area Casino – Gamblers Hit 2 Sequential Royal Flushes Within Hours


Station Casinos in Las Vegas is reporting two royal flush jackpots hit on Jan. 15 within a few hours at one of its properties. The first sequential royal flush was hit on a Reversible Royals slot machine at Red Rock hotel-casino about 5:30 p.m. for $27,101 on a $1.25 bet.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Other Las Vegas News

Things We’re Looking Forward to in Las Vegas in 2021


What does the Magic 8-Ball see ahead for Las Vegas in 2021? “Reply hazy, try again.” Hmmm. “Outlook good”—that’s more like it. The new year can’t be any worse than 2020, especially in Sin City, where a $600 stimulus will only get you so far at the blackjack table. Things are tough, but the future holds promise with vaccines, trade shows, and 100% dining room capacity on the horizon. Here’s what to look forward to most in Las Vegas as we slowly inch our way into 2021.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

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5 Best Las Vegas CHEAP EATS Under $5 at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops

(Producers Notes) Ocean One at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Miracle Mile Shops serves up a bounty of cheap eats every day on its $4.99 lunch menu.

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Carson Kitchen – Downtown Las Vegas

(Producers Notes) One of the best things about living in Vegas is the FOOD! We had been trying to get into Carson Kitchen for some time and were finally able to get in on our last trip. It is totally worth the effort! Everything that we ordered was delicious and we cannot wait to go again!

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Best Burgers in Las Vegas

(Producers Notes) Here’s the Best Burgers in all of Las Vegas. No fast food chains on this list! Almost every restaurant you visit has a burger on their menu, so I do have to admit this was a hard search for myself. After trying countless restaurants, both new and old, I have finally compiled a list of delicious burgers that I am satisfied to share with you. And they are not just on the strip! I am sharing burger joints in local Las Vegas, downtown, and the Las Vegas Strip too. I’ll be showing you some local famous chefs, and some worldwide known chefs. Please make sure to keep watching, but here’s the list.

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Old Vegas Never Grows Old at The Bootlegger Bistro

(Producers Notes) Born in 1973, the venerable restaurant continues to unite Las Vegas’ past with its present.

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Steve Wynn Shares Vegas Memories of Roy Horn, Siegfried & Roy

(Producers Notes) 13 Action News Anchor Tricia Kean spoke with Steve Wynn exclusively Friday night from his Florida home as Vegas remembers Roy Horn.

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Las Vegas Lion Habitat

(Producers Notes) Hey guys! Welcome back to Wooo Vegas As always we hope you guys are staying safe out there, We open up our first video of 2021, with a tour of the Lion habitat Ranch located here in Henderson Nevada. These lions are no joke some of them reaching up to 600lbs. Eating more then 10,000 dollars a year in food. The lion habitat ranch is home to 31 lions and relies on the public to help keep them well fed and taken care of. It is also home to Nevada’s only giraffe, also named Ozzie, although there is a slight height difference between the two Ozzies, the spelling is the same tho.

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