Access Vegas Insider Vibe – December 11, 2002

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This Issue: Reader Feedback and Las Vegas Questions

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! Been a chilly 60+ degrees all week. Actually have to wear long pant instead of shorts … miserable. Oh … what? Freezing rain, sleet, and snow across much of the eastern US? Nevermind. Come warm up in Las Vegas!

Really Cheap Rooms – You want to come on a budget and have elbow room? After this weekend, the rodeo clears out and Las Vegas is half deserted until Christmas. Very few lines, no crowds, and beautiful sunny weather. The prices listed at the top aren’t a joke. Visit our Las Vegas Discounts page for those and more, and take a break from pre-holiday stress in Las Vegas.

“Las Vegas At Night” Wallpaper and Screensaver – Our latest addition is the Las Vegas At Night wallpaper and screensaver (no charge, no registration). Choose from 12 stunning views to use as wallpaper and download the screensaver to enjoy them rotating on your screen.

New Year’s Eve – We are selling more rooms for Las Vegas New Year’s Eve than any previous year. With an 8 minute fireworks show scheduled to be shot off up and down the entire Las Vegas Strip plus our growing popularity as a world class new year’s destination, this will be an “event of a lifetime.” New Year’s info, photos, insider tips, and rooms available at Las Vegas New Year’s Eve

Las Vegas Christmas – Next week, we’ll bring you some beautiful views of Christmas in Las Vegas including the incredible holiday scene at Bellagio Conservatory and the city tree at Fremont Street.

Free Blues Party – Local blues legends John Earl and the Boogie Man Band will be closing out a successful year performing at the Memphis Blues room in Santa Fe Station this weekend from 9 PM to 1 AM both nights. No cover charge and we will be there Friday watching the craziness with camera in hand.

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Reader Feedback

Tom & Maria wrote:

We make the pilgrimage to Vegas two to three times a year, your new letter is valuable to us in determining when we want to make the trip.

You forgot to tell me where to send that $100 I promised (for the good report)! Seriously, we thank you and everyone else for reading and are happy to help you make the most of your valuable vacation time. Thanks to all for visiting Las Vegas!

Charlotte wrote:

I find most hotels on the Las Vegas are way too expensive now, considering most people put a lot of money in those machines slots, poker, etc. which rarely pays, and also the restaurants, & buffet are more expensive than before, so we have decided to go somewhere else and found downtown (Fremont St.) has a lot to offer and we win more often there and leave with more money in our pockets than on the strip.

ManyĆ”are writing me and saying how they are rediscovering downtown and the Fremont St. Experience (Fremont St. Experience photos). Generally speaking, the rooms are less expensive, the food cheaper, the drinks stronger, and almost all the casinos are along the four blocks of Fremont St. so you don’t wear your shoes out casino hopping.

You can enjoy fine dining with a great view at The Plaza’s Center Stage Restaurant or go nuts with the Golden Gate’s 99 cent shrimp cocktail (no lettuce filler). Plus, it seems like there are always drink specials somewhere down there. We love downtown!

Patt Stevens wrote:

Hi Ted, Just got back and didn’t know if you realized that since the Imperial Palace owner passed away last week, all the cars in his collection are for sale (and priced reasonably too) as well as the largest Wurlitzer collection ever. (these can be purchased individually or the group for a half a million. It didn’t take long for the family to start unloading the merchandise.) Thought your car buffs and readers might appreciate this info.

Our sympathies to out to the family and friends of Imperial Palace owner Ralph Engelstad, a controversial figure known for his tough exterior but soft heart. We reviewed the Imperial Palace Auto Collection a couple of years ago. This is truly a time for “changing of the guard” as Plaza Hotel owner Jackie Gaughn is selling the Plaza, Las Vegas Club, and Gold spike to an investment group which figures to bring new life (and capital) into these downtown properties.

Message Board Member “Dave Johnston ” wrote:

As “snowbirds,” my wife and I winter in Las Vegas. It’s not quite as cold as Wisconsin. Last winter, while surfing the internet on my laptop, I can across a mention of the $4.95 steak dinner special at Ellis Island. We decided to try it, and were very pleased with the results.

You have to ask for it, as it is not on the menu. You start out with a LARGE salad. Everything is fresh and crisp. Rolls and butter are brought out, and, by the time you finish the salad, the steaks are ready. My wife, having worked in restaurants all her life, was a little apprehensive about the steaks, because at other places we’ve been to the steaks were either a little over or under done.

These steaks were perfect-just the way we ordered them. The steak was (is) about 1-1/2 inches thick, and tasted great. Along side was a large baked potato, and green beans sprinkled with minced garlic. A beverage is also included. We have returned for dinner several times since, and have always had a “perfect” meal. Whenever anyone visits from back home (Milwaukee) we always take them there at least once.

Try it, you’ll like it.

This is one of the great Las Vegas specials, and I enjoy it myself. A reader on our message boards asked about this special, and we thank Dave for his answer with a great mini-review. Ellis Island is located just off The Strip. Take Flamingo east to Koval (1/2 mile) and make a right. You can’t miss it on the left. If you have had this great special or just want to know more, visit our Cheap Food Deals forum and don’t forget about our updated Las Vegas Food Deals page.

Message Board Member “Vern” wrote:

Craps is my favorite game. In fact, I could play it 24 hours a day if the money holds out. It is fast moving, never boring. If I play using some common sense, I can usually make my money last, I even have left a winner–something I rarely do with the slots. My favorite game is quarter craps where you can bet in increments of quarters instead of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I still put my money on the table, I can just spread it out more.

Vern went on to ask where to find the lower limit craps games and talked about his betting strategies. If you love craps, want to read the rest of Vern’s post, or are just curious about this incredibly fun, social casino game, check out our new Craps Forum.

Message Board Member “jrinct” wrote:

In Oct on my vacation to LV , decided on a road trip. This year it was Pahrump. I have to say I really enjoyed it, kinda like a mini LV. People were VERY friendly and enjoyed the road trip a lot. Terribles has a GREAT coffee shop.What do you ALL think?????Pahrump is a small town about an hour west of Las Vegas, best known as the home of late night radio’s Art Bell and a number of brothels. If you have been to Pahrump, share the dirt in our Southern Nevada forum. This is also a great place to talk about other little “out of the way” places here in the Silver State.

Message Board Member ” TeaJay” wrote:

Hello my name is Terri. I have lived in Las Vegas for 33 years and I wouldn’t live anywhere else in America. I was born raised and educated in England.My intentions when I came to America in 1967 was to stay a year or so traveling around this great country, however, after starting off in NJ then NY, SF, Lake Tahoe, I found myself in the unique city of Las Vegas.I became a cocktail waitress at the Big Hilton on Paradise rd. in 1969. Before I knew it I married, had a good money making job, and had fallen in love with Lady Vegas. I no longer serve cocktails, I am self-employed and very content with my life here, everything I need is at my fingertips 24/7.

IMHO only the strong will survive here, like do not gamble if you live in our fair city, it will creep up behind you and BITE you real hard. Of course, if visiting here it is a ton of fun to gamble, especially if you win.

What a great story! We appreciate both the locals and tourist who are relating experiences (both good and bad) about various aspects of Las Vegas on our message boards. Feel free to enjoy reading or jump right into our Living Here, Moving Here Forum.

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Next week, lots of Las Vegas news plus our Las Vegas Christmas photos, new specials, and more. We’ll also try to sneak a feedback issue in before the end of the year.

See you on the boards!

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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