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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! I’m back from a week in Florida to stick my toes in the sand and get a little rest and relaxation. It was interesting to be in traditionally hot and humid Florida and see places like Philadelphia, Boston, and even Bangor, Maine hotter than Florida and with a heat index above Las Vegas. Whew … I bet you guys are happy to see fall on the horizon!

Flying was uneventful. I continue to show up 1.5 hours before flights, clearing security in 15 minutes or less. I had a bit of a layover at Hartsfield (Atlanta) airport on the way down so I left the secure terminal area, got in line, went through security there in … 12 minutes. I should note that I usually travel midweek. If you are flying Friday noon or later, Sunday evening, or Monday morning you might want to follow the 2 hour rule just in case. In my book, flying is easier now than it was a year ago and you can’t keep me out of the skies, whether it is vacation or visiting family and friends.

CHEAP FOOD AND BOOZE – You’ve heard about all the great food specials and cheap booze in Las Vegas. But then you just end up paying $10 for a coffee shop sandwich because you didn’t know a $5 steak dinner was right next door. Or you pay $4.50 for a beer because you didn’t know which casinos have $1 beer. Not any more you don’t! Check out our new Food Specials section at Meal Deals — we even have a printable version you can print out and stuff in your suitcase. Enjoy!

MONORAIL – Construction on Las Vegas monorail is moving right along. The monorail will run from The Sahara south with stops at Las Vegas Hilton, Convention Center, Harrah’s, Flamingo, Bally’s and MGM. Scheduled completion is early 2004 and there is talk of extending it north to downtown and south to the airport. More info at Monorail

BEST BUFFET – You voted and the results are in! Bellagio Buffet topped the list with 24% of the vote, followed by Rio Seafood Buffet (18%), and Paris Las Vegas Buffet (13%). Honorable mention to Aladdin at 12%. This month, stop by and cast your vote on “What is the best Las Vegas area scenic attraction?”

NEW LIMO SEARCH – We have made it much easier to check limo rates, and you might be surprised at how inexpensive they are here. Grab a couple of friends to split the cost or treat that special lady to a special ride and live it up! Limo info at Limo

THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS – We are putting together a huge (and I mean HUGE) Frequently Asked Questions area on and we need your help! We live here, and that is a huge advantage when it comes to providing you firsthand information. We also understand our town can be overwhelming!

If getting ready for your first ever visit, what are you are wondering about, or want to be better prepared for? If you are a Vegas veteran visitor, what are some of the things you wished you knew ahead of time? What caught you off guard? What are you still curious about? Please ask us at (click) so we can build the most helpful site possible. Plus, we’ll do our best to answer your questions and concerns personally.

RESTAURANT REVIEW – Chef John says about McCormick and Schmick’s: “The selection of items on their menu can’t be beat in Las Vegas where seafood is concerned. Oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, shrimp, King crab, salmon, tuna etc. For the meat eaters they have some great cuts of meat and a wonderful rack of lamb.” Read his full review with photos at

SHRINKING TIGER – is the latest illusion from Rick Thomas, whose great magic show plays twice each afternoon (dark Fridays) at The Tropicana. Thomas takes a live 500 pound royal white Bengal tiger and turns it into cuter, much smaller live tiger. This is an afternoon show that borders on evening show quality for a very modest afternoon price. Our review and ticket information at

LAS VEGAS SEARCH – If you visit regularly (and you should … we always add great new stuff), you have noticed our Las Vegas Search box on every page. This new search box is your gateway to Las Vegas info from a number of top tourism resources. If you have a website or home page, we’ve made the code available for free so you can add this great search tool to your site! Grab it now at Search

LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS – Food Guide Chef John Guinivere and his are on track to bring live cooking shows to you from Las Vegas via streaming video. Programming will originate from the new AQUA Center under construction near the posh Anthem area of the city (10 minutes from The Strip by freeway). will feature chefs from AQUA Center’s eight new restaurants along with other Las Vegas chefs and special visitors from famous restaurants around the world. Surrounding the studio will be gourmet food boutiques offering wonderful food products in a bright farmers market setting with a Provence accent. Details at and you can enjoy Chef John’s recommended restaurants at

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Last year, MGM put one of the final nails in the “family friendly” Las Vegas concept by closing their theme park and it is probably no coincidence Le Femme (pronounced La Fawm) opened around the same time. Unlike many Las Vegas shows which were inspired by famous productions, this is the original Crazy Horse show that has been titillating France since 1951. The name change was simply to avoid comparison with a local strip club of similar name.

The dancers are from the original troupe and meet rigorous specifications to get this prized job. You won’t see any bad boob jobs here. You won’t see any body modification, for that matter. The emphasis is on a natural, slender female form and dancers must be under 25 to be hired. La Femme is the unabashed celebration of the natural female nude.

The show is art. Each number is choreographed and lit in a way unique to La Femme. This isn’t a peep show, nor a jiggle show. During some of the numbers, you are taken to a place in your mind where you almost forget that nearly nude females are the centerpiece. This is not a bachelor party “whoop and holler” event.

The show is also erotic. The first number “God Save Our Bareskins” puts a new twist on the changing of the guard. Numbers like “See Thru, Peek-A-Boo” and “Vestal’s Desire” highlight the sexuality just by the titles (not to mention the shimmering female figures onstage).

The La Femme theatre was designed to re-create the Crazy Horse located on Avenue George V in Paris. The stage, design, fabric, colors and tabletops duplicate the original and this intimate theatre seats only patrons.

This is an upscale presentation geared to those looking for an artistic experience, a sampling for foreign culture, and a large dose of natural female form. Must be 21 to attend. Unlike the original, this one does not feature full nudity because of local laws. However, it comes very close.

La Femme plays at the MGM Hotel and Casino. For current times and ticket prices, please click Le Femme and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability.

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Show Review Criteria: We understand that Las Vegas attracts visitors of varied budgets and interests. Shows are reviewed on the basis of value for dollar spent as well as to present the reader enough knowledge of the content to make an informed decision.

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