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This Issue: Titanic: The Exhibition by guest columnist David Berman

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BELLAGIO RESTAURANTS – Did you know that the restaurants at Bellagio serve up to 25,000 meals a day and it is the only hotel in the US with two 5 star restaurants? And unlike many casinos, the restaurants there actually turn a profit. Great story at

SPORTS BETTING BAN – Now the NFL and the NBA are jumping on the bandwagon to get Congress to ban all sports betting nationally. Obviously, we are a bit biased on this. Nevada has the most stringent gaming regulation in the world. The Gaming Control Board takes all complaints seriously, and often you can summons an officer down to mediate a dispute almost immediately. Sports betting is already outlawed in virtually every state (in part or full) and far more is wagered outside Nevada than in-state. Story at

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SUPER CASINO – “Inside the ‘New” Las Vegas” is a great account of the modern day Las Vegas. Often dense with historical fact, but neatly interrupted by fascinating first-person accounts: an old-time dealer talks about being threatened by Frank Sinatra, a hotel manager at a casino gets chewed out by her boss for renting out a $5,000 room to movie stars, and more. Available for under $20 from Amazon at /invegascom

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FEATURE STORY: The Exhibition by guest columnist David Berman

During our stay at the Rio, we immersed ourselves in the recounting of an event that happened on April 14, 1912. The event, of course, is the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage, and the recounting is Titanic: The Exhibition, in The RioÆs mezzanine-level exhibit space.

IÆve seen many bulletin-board and newslist posts asking if anyone had seen the Titanic exhibit, and seeking opinions about the value of spending $15.95 to view it. Read on and decide for yourself, because the answer is not as simple as you might imagine.

The show is beautifully staged, occupying much of the same space used for the Treasures of Russia exhibit that was such a huge success. A key ingredient in the Titanic exhibit working as well as it does is the professionally narrated, recorded guided tour, which is included in the admission price. Visitors entering the exhibit are given a cassette recorder, with the narrator explaining the items as you proceed through the collection and directing you in such maneuvers as ônow turn to your left,ö and ôpause to study the recovered artifacts in this cabinet.ö The green button plays the tape, and the red button stops it if you want to linger along the way. The narration incorporates a musical score, and also employs the voices of actual Titanic survivors as well as actors speaking as some of the specific passengers and shipÆs officers. Most of the tape is in stereo, and it works very well.

Recovered items, including dinnerware, jewelry, shaving brushes, coins and personal letters, bring the incredible tragedy to life. But just as the re-creations of the palace rooms of the czars were the highlight of Treasures of Russia, the re-creations of TitanicÆs famous Grand Staircase, its first-class passageways and staterooms and card room, as well as a second-class bunk-style room, are what combine to put a face on the ship and its occupants.

If you visit the Titanic exhibit, one of your most dramatic moments will come when you enter a room dominated by a large block of ice intended to simulate the exposed surface of an iceberg, which you are encouraged to touch. ôNo one could survive longer than 10 minutes in the North Atlantic waters of that evening,ö the narrator intones, and suddenly the reality of collision, darkness and death is brought home to you.

Now for the big question: Is Titanic: The Exhibition worth attending?

Not necessarily. If you are a rabid fan or student of the Titanic story and have not previously attended any of the other Titanic exhibits touring around the world, or if you canÆt get enough of the film ôTitanicö and Celine DionÆs promise that the heart will go on, then by all means go see it. You will be happy you did, because it will add a little to your knowledge base.

My wife Rosalyn and I did get something out of this show, but we both agreed that we left it feeling a bit let down, in the way you might if you were hungry after eating a delicious gourmet dinner whose portions were too small.

More than 5,000 artifacts have been recovered from the Titanic wreck site, but only about 200 are on display at The Rio. In short, what is shown is presented very effectively, but there is simply not enough of it. In part this is understandable, because the recovered items are supporting many Titanic exhibits around the world. At first, the overall effect fools you, but then you begin to notice that each exhibit room throughout the presentation is furnished with just one or two display cases holding a small number of artifacts, along with a few wall hangings.

The Titanic exhibit is in residence indefinitely, which will allow the show to be changed from time to time as items from other Titanic exhibits are rotated. But this does little for Las Vegas visitors who are unlikely to see the display more than once.

Moving methodically through the Titanic exhibit, following the narrative and stopping the tape a few times to linger, took us only 50 minutes, making the attraction an attention-holder for adults and children alike. I mentioned above that the cost is $15.95, but we were able to reduce this to $12.95 with a discount coupon available at the registration desk. Cost for children under 14 is $9.95.


David Berman is a true Las Vegas aficionado, making numerous lengthy visits over the years. He and his wife are soon to retire and relocate from the east coast here to Las Vegas, looking forward to moving into a home they already have under construction. David can be reached at

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Arthur Yeap from San Francisco wrote:

>To Frank in NJ:
>When I went to the Bellagio Buffet mid-March, the crab legs were still
>good.á They can also be found at the Paris Buffet much of the time.
>(They actually have a menu posted outside).á Overall, my experience
>with buffets has led me to a few opinions: Best Quality Carving Board:
>Mirage…Prime Rib better than 90% of restaurants.á Best Seafood
>Quality: Bellagio.á Best overall Buffet: Paris.á It has meat about 80%
>as good as the Mirage and seafood about 75% as good as the Bellagio.
>The Mirage shrimp may not be fresh at times while the Bellagio meat
>has always been tough and overcooked.á I will say that I have not been
>to the Rio Seafood Buffet.á The normal Rio Buffet that all the taxi
>drivers rave about has food quality below Sunset Station.á I’ll report
>back after this coming week when I get back from NAB (convention).

Helen Spillar wrote:

>Thank you for the tip you gave on the surf & turf special at the Hard
>Rock Cafe & Casino.á Just as you said it is not on the menu & you have
>to just ask or it.á I was going to order the steak that was $13.00 & I
>ended up getting the steak plus 3 delicious shrimp for $5.95.á It was
>very good & we would not have known about it if not for your news
>letter.á Thanks again.

Janice wrote:

>Ted, my husband and I visit Vegas usually in the spring or fall; this
>year we want to come at Thanksgiving(we’ll be arriving on the prior
>Mon.á and staying for 7 nights) and bringing my mom, who isn’t able to
>make her annual spring trek with her friends due to another
>commitment.á We have several questions that we hope you or your
>readers could answer.á 1.) Are most of the shows dark during
>Thanksgiving, 2.) Is there restaurants/buffets that will be serving
>the “traditional” holiday dinner, and 3.) Can someone tell me what
>Harrah’s rooms are like, specifically a suite, as we have never stayed
>there before (die hard Golden Nugget fans), but have an offer we can’t
>refuse (free), so we are debating splitting the days between the strip
>and downtown.á Any help we can get is appreciated.á As I am sure you
>hear from others, we love your newsletter as it keeps us in touch when
>we can’t be in our favorite town with the ever changing scenes.
>Thanks for taking the time to keep us out of towners informed!!

Thanksgiving weekend is second only to New Years Eve and ranks right up there with Memorial Day and Labor day as far as tourist traffic here in town. The shows will all be in full swing (although you should always check with each show to see what night they are dark each week). Just about every restaurant in every casino serves some type of Thanksgiving meal. In fact, it’s often a set menu with 2 or 3 holiday choices (besides the normal menu items). The Harrah’s rooms I have seen are pretty nice for the money. When you get back, let us know how they compare to the rooms at The Golden Nugget.

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April 12, 2000

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